VIDS 2000 Watt Coil Electric Stove Review

What do yo do when then gas cylinder gets over? Well many times to get the new gas cylinder it takes time. In the mean time you can use an electric stove. Also if you are a bachelor or shifting to new place then an electric stove is necessary. If you move in to new place you never get a gas cylinder quickly and in this case an electric stove comes to your rescue.

VIDS 2000 Watt Coil Electric Stove Review

VIDS 2000 Watt Coil Electric Stove Features

  • Electric G Coil Hot Plate Cooking Stove
  • 2000 watt coil electric stove
  • 0123 Knob for adjusting the Temperature.
  • Best alternative for gas stoves, LPG Cylinders
  • ISI Marked
  • Can cook 4-5 person food very efficiently
  • 26 x 28 x 9 cm product dimensions
  • Bakelite feets
  • 15 Amp power plug
  • 2.4 kg weight
VIDS 2000 Watt Coil Electric Stove Review


This electric stove looks attractive in design and the first and best part which we observed is that this is a very light weight stove. So you can easily carry it anywhere. It is perfect for hostel students/bachelors as you can keep it with you and can also easily take away with you.

It is a quality product and it is ISI marked too. The knob is also of good quality where in you can switch the levels of temperature. You can keep flat base utensil over the coil. You can easily place the coil stove over a flat surface near power plug socket.

VIDS 2000 Watt Coil Electric Stove Review

User Experience

We have been using this stove since a long time and sharing our experience. Its very easy and convenient to use. The cooking is done vary fast. It is a must have in your kitchen as an alternative to gas stove. We have used variety of cookware which is induction compatible on this electric stove. It is able to cook food cood uniformly and easily. This stove is safe to use. Although you have to take precautions, while its ON you don’t have to touch the stove base. You can easily change the temperature levels.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an alternative to gas stove then you must have this electric stove. The best part is that it is of great quality and budget friendly. We have been using it since long time and it is a must buy for sure. you can get it at a discounted price from the link below.

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