Thillai’s Crispy Chicken Mix Review – How to Make Crispy Chicken at Home

Do you have craving for fried chicken at home? If yes then you must have a look at this amazing product and its recipe. Today we have Thillai’s Crispy Chicken Mix Review. This is having net weight of 250 gram. We will also make crispy chicken and we’ll show you how to make it step by step.

Thillai's Crispy Chicken Mix Review - How to Make Crispy Chicken at Home

This is a very nice crispy chicken mix from Thillai’s. It is a mixture of breadcrumbs with the mixture of seasonings that makes a variety of crispy treats, such as crispy chicken, crispy fish, crispy fish fingers or even vegetables and paneer.

There are a lot of details mentioned on the package. We will talk about all of them in detail and how you can make it step by step.

How to Make Crispy Chicken at Home

First step is very simple, take 500gm chicken pieces. Measure 3 tablespoons of Thillai’s Crispy Chicken Mix and add water. Approx hundred ml in a small bowl to make it into wet mix. Empty the remaining Dry Chicken mix into a wide plate. We will now start this process.

Dip the chicken pieces into the wet mix. In this way you can dip it. Then coat the dry mix, until the chicken pieces is fully covered with dry mix. In this way you can completely cover it with dry mix. This dry mix will give it a very much crispiness. Now it’s frying time.

We have used a very good groundnut oil. Deep fry this chicken. As mentioned on the package, total cooking time is 30 minutes. You have to make it deep fry. It will take good amount of time. As we say good things, do take time. Make sure that you deep fry. Chicken one by one pieces you can do as it is. You can make such tasty crispy chicken for sure.

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Our Experience

We have enjoyed it and it’s really very much good taste. It’s very much tasty, delicious and very nice. If you like chicken, then you must have this Crispy Chicken Mix by Thillai’s. It can be made in 3 easy steps. It is pure Spice powder. Make crispy snacks at home.

Thillai’s Crispy Chicken Mix can be used for other recipes as well. It can also be made for cauliflower, paneer, mushroom, baby corn, coating for cutlets, finger fish and other favourite recipes. It’s not limited for making chicken, you can also make it for other recipes as well.

If you want to purchase it, it is available at MRP of just 275. It is a 250 gram package. It’s a very much essential if you like chicken if you like crispiness in any of these recipes, then do have it. Do check out the link below to purchase it.

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