Libra Air Fryer Review

Looking for healthy cooking in which you can fry with very less oil or no oil. You need an Air Fryer for this purpose. You can now make delicious French fries in home only using an Air Fryer. Also apart from this you can make a variety of dishes with the use of Air Fryer. Introducing Libra Air Fryer which we have use extensively for a long period of time.

Libra Air Fryer Review

Libra Air Fryer Review

  • 4.5 Litre for Home Use
  • 1430W
  • Pearl White Color
  • Preset Controls
  • 7 Major Menus
  • 360 Degree Hot Air Circulation
  • Non Stick Coating
  • Automatic Power Off Memory


Overall sleek and compact design of this Air Fryer. It is available in Pearl white color variant. This is having non stick coating. This Libra Air Fryer has Pull Out the Pot to power off safety feature. This is an amazing feature.

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User Experience

We have made variety of dishes in this Air Fryer. There is 1430 Powerful heating element. This is a one machine for multiple purposes. We have made classic french fries recipe in this Air Fryer. The wonderful part is that you can fry french fries in very less oil. You can use this air fryer as microwave oven, skewer machine, toast, air fryer, fruit dryer, grill, electric oven, steak machine, pop corn machine and as a fermenter.

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Final Verdict

This Air Fryer is very useful an does look elegant in your kitchen. You can make variety of dishes. We have made many dishes which you can watch on our Youtube channel and kindly watch the video below. If you want to purchase in discounted price, then kindly checkout the link below.

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