Cosplay Workshop 101 with Gaurilla & Shiromancer

Are you excited for the upcoming Pune Comic Con 2017? Well we are all excited to be a part of this event. Last year it was fun filled event which is dedicated to producing world-class celebrations of popular culture on comics in Pune. This year it is going to be more and more cool with the exhibitors and cosplay players competition. Are you ready for the competition?

Cosplay Workshop 101 with Gaurilla & Shiromancer

For the newbies Comic Con India is organizing a special Cosplay Workshop who wish to take part at the Alto Pune Comic Con. This Workshop will teach the fans of how to get the costumes, wigs, props, etc. They will also learn easy and useful hacks to create the amazing costumes in the easiest way.

The workshop is going to take place in the guidance of experienced Cosplayers who participated in the previous Comic Con India Events. This special cosplay workshop will be with Gaurilla & Shiromancer in association with High Spirits Cafe.

This is the first event this year of Comic Con India before the mega Alto Pune Comic Con Event(4-5th March 2017). The Workshop will be held in between 6pm to 8pm on 5th February 2017(Sunday) at the High Spirits Cafe, ABC Farms, Pune.

So if you want to be a smart Cosplayer then you must attend this workshop and get valuable knowledge from it to perform the best in the competition. Alto Pune Comic Con 2017 will happen soon on 4th-5th March 2017. Stay tuned on our social media channels for more updates!

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