5 Best Baby Wipes in India

Taking care of a baby from time to time is important and quite a task for a lot of parents. What if we tell you about Baby Wipes which will help you in your parenting journey when your child is a newborn or baby. Every parent wants the best for their little one and these baby wipes are comfortable and protected too.

Benefits of using Baby Wipes

  • Helpful to clean the baby’s bottom especially after pooping.
  • You can also use it to clean their mouth during or after feeding.
  • Useful to clean the face, neck, hands, body of the baby.
  • You can use it for yourselves too during travel to get a clean face.

We have curated some of the best Baby Wipes which are available in India. 

1. MotherSparsh 99% Pure Water Baby Wipes

Innovation and uniqueness were our most important parameters with functionality in this list. MotherSparsh Baby Wipes are pure water baby wipes.

These are Unscented so it’s really great as there won’t be any allergies to your baby.

5 Best Baby Wipes in India

These are Natural and have Plant Fabric. Best part is that these are environment friendly and are 100% Biodegradable. These are purest and 3 times thicker. 

These are suitable for Hand, Face and Body. They have used medical grade cloth in these baby wipes. These baby wipes are skin friendly. These have 99% pure water. 

These are having 3 times thicker medical grade cloth which is plant made. These are effective for normal to sensitive skin. So every baby skin type can use it

There are No Harsh Chemicals in it. These are one of the best baby wipes for diaper rash. MotherSparsh Baby Wipes are dermatologically tested and are Paraben Free

We liked the lid lock packaging of these baby wipes so that the moisture stays in long. It was easy to take out the baby wipe and use it. There is also a lid, so after using you can close the lid so that no germs get inside the pack.

5 Best Baby Wipes in India

These are Hypoallergenic and are pH balanced and Soap free

Can we use Baby Wipes to Remove Makeup? Well the answer is yes with these baby wipes for sure. So these are multipurpose Baby Wipes and must be handy for every baby’s parents. 

72 Baby Wipes pack.

Discounted Price : INR 530 (Pack of 2)

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2. Dabur Baby Wipes

These baby wipes are having baby loving ayurvedic herbs. These are soap free and made of non-woven spunlace fabric. This is alcohol free and protects the baby’s skin from allergies. These are eco-friendly too. These wipes are from a well-known FMCG brand and come with 135 years of expertise and trust in Ayurveda. These are dermatologically tested for safety and are suitable for baby’s soft and sensitive skin. It effectively cleans and is pure and safe. 

Discounted Price : INR 238 (Pack of 3)

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3. Johnson’s Baby SKIN CARE Wipes

It does protect the new-born baby from rashes and redness. It is clinically proven and alcohol and soap free. It has a 5 level safety assurance process and it is suitable for 0 to 10 years. This package comes with a lid and protects the delicate skin of babies from redness and rashes. These are having sponge-like fibres with 3 times moisturizing lotion for gentle and soft care for the new-born baby. There are no harmful chemicals. The Fliptop on this pack is helpful to keep the moisture locked for longer usage.

Discounted Price : INR 365 (Pack of 2)

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4. Little’s Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes

It is a 50:50 blend of polyester and viscose. Both these are man-made fibers and are a better alternative than cotton. It has a soft blend with 98% water. It has Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil. There is Vitamin E too. It has a maximum shelf life of 24 months. These baby wipes are Paraben Free. 

Discounted Price : INR 229 (Pack of 3)

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5. Mee Mee Caring Baby Wet Wipes

It keeps your baby fresh and moisturized. There are antibacterial properties to keep your baby sanitized all the time. These wipes are thick which helps to make cleaning efficient. There is goodness of Aloe Vera which helps moisturize the skin. These are 100% Paraben and alcohol free. They are made of spunlace and non woven fabric for convenient and quick cleaning. These are hypoallergenic and keep your baby sanitized all day. It has travel friendly packaging. 

Discounted Price : INR 345 (Pack of 5)

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Final Verdict

It is very important to take care of your baby. Using the right baby wipes is essential. These are hygienic and must be used for your baby. We hope that you will make the right choice from this list of Best Baby Wipes. We liked 99% Pure Water Baby Wipes from this list. We do recommend it as it is natural and very much useful for your baby.

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